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John Cena Sr.
John Cena, SR/Johnny Fabulous
I have always had a fascination for the world of professional wrestling. I remember watching it on TV, yes, in black and white because color TV had not yet been introduced and listening to the great “Gordon Solie.” From the legendary Walter “Killer” Kowalski to the great Bruno Sammartino there has always been a spot in my heart for that sport of kings, professional wrestling. When cable TV first came out I remember being one of the first to get it so that my sons and I could watch pro-wrestling. Nose bleed seats at the garden and Saturday TV, pro-wrestling was a dream. But, there are those that dream and do nothing and those that dream and do. I decided it was time to do. So, I got myself prior to my marriage and a family involved in the promotion end of the business. You needed a show and we got it to you. Such greats as, Pedro Morales, Chief Jay Strongbow, Stan Stasiek, Victor Rivera 
and Classy Freddie Blassy. All, the stars I had come to know. Handsome Jimmy Valiant, The Grand Wizard and others. Then, after leaving the promotional end to raise a family my life would take a turn, after 34 years of marriage my spouse decided it was time for her to move on. This devastated me and I and my five sons became well, distanced. Then one day I answered an ad for a ring announcer. Nope, was not to be. The promoter asked if I would mind being an in ring talent? Done. And together we created the now infamous Johnny Fabulous. This character has brought to many great cities and towns in the great USA and has allowed to entertain and become one with the great wrestling fans of today and yesterday. I have had the honor of working with some of the greatest young talent today on the Indie circuit, and with many of the legends I grew up watching. Greats like, Captain Lou Albano, Tito Santana, Gregg The Hammer Valentine, Jim Duggan, Rick Flair, Tony Atlas Mick Foley and some of the younger great wrestling stars like, Matt Hardy, Chris Masters, Mickie James, and the list goes on. Then, one day I got a call from the WWE. They wanted to do a storyline with my son John, Edge, Lita and me.

From there it was Randy Orton, the infamous kick in the head and finally, February 2014 Orton strikes again. Someday, maybe it is my turn to strike back. But, this all adds to the story and to the thrill in the world of professional wrestling. I still work the circuit and am available for bookings. Please use the request information form on this page, please only serious bookings. I am hopeful the saga of John Cena, Sr and Johnny Fabulous will continue for many more years and I will be able to continue to entertain the fans who make this sport what it is today. Without them there would be no sports entertainment, and so it is, with their boos and cheers the sagas and stories of good vs evil will continue.